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Broken Car Keys Peterborough | Auto Locksmith Peterborough

Broken Car Keys Peterborough | Auto Locksmith Peterborough

Broken Keys Peterborough is a car locksmith company specialized with broken key services for any kind of vehicle –not limited to bus, car, lorry, caravan, trucks, vans and motorbikes. We extend our professional locksmith services in the Peterborough area cutting across Stamford, Oakham, Corby, Stilton and Kettering. We have the relevant expertise, experience and equipment for removal of ignition or lock broken key, repair broken keys or replace broken keys. Our technicians are experts in the field and are better positioned on the best way to remove and replace or repair any broken auto key. When you have broken an electronic car key or the regular non-chip key, our vehicle keys masters have the ability to get you a new key within just a few minutes.

Call us now and let us know where you are and the type of key involved, and we will direct a team of experts close to your location. It doesn’t matter the day or the time, we offer reliable locksmith services at all times including weekends and public holidays. You can call us early in the morning, late in the night, afternoon, or even during rush evening hours. Your call will be answered within seconds of ringing and instant help will be sent your way. Our knowledge of every location in the area and the use of modern mobile call out vehicles help our drivers to identify and use the shortest and least busy routes, thus you don’t have to worry about lost time. Whenever you are in a broken key crisis, we are the right solution to the problem.

Broken Car Keys Emergences
There are a number of ways and reasons in which your car key can get broken. We have received calls from clients, who have broken the keys inside the lock or the vehicle ignition. The possible cause of broken ignition or lock keys could be:

  • Wear and tear of an old vehicle key.
  • Foreign object in the key hole blocking the key.
  • Poor quality of the key material – especially for newly replaced keys.
  • Using too much force to turn the key.
  • Use of the wrong key in the ignition or car lock keyhole.
  • Technical fault of the lock or the ignition switch.

When your key is broken in the lock or the ignition, even with a spare key, you are blocked from accessing or starting your car until the broken piece is safely removed from the keyhole. Our technicians use the best key extractor kit to ensure that the piece of key is withdrawn faster and without damaging the car in any way. Among the broken keys extraction gears we have picking tools and power tools to enable quick and damage-free removal of stuck broken key pieces from any vehicle ignition.

A car key can easily break in case you are trying to straighten a bent key or when you are pressing your automotive key against a hard object. In whichever circumstance your car key breaks, our experienced locksmiths will get you a quality brand new key for your particular car immediately.

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